Random Quote Machine - Asking for Feedback!

Project Link: https://codepen.io/DetectiveZar/full/wepXVb/

I would like some feedback/tips on how to center my content in the directly in the middle of the page.

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Well, I liked your realisation.
But you have something to change and it’s this text:

Random Quote Machine
These are some of my favorite quotes. I hope they inspire you as well!

is not readable. Because it’s white on white background.

What about how to center your content, I’ve discovered, that your body has option:

padding-top: 150px;

Delete it, and it’ll be okay)

My project https://codepen.io/EvilEpicCoder/full/qjpZrr/
Like your feedback hope you will enjoy!

That was awesome!!! Was not expecting it at all lol Could you explain or brake down a little how you made your js select each random word and put it together as the quote. I’m really interested in understanding the logic behind it. Good job!

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Thank you that’s a good observation.
The reason I put padding-top: 150px; is because the blocks will be on top of the page otherwise. I wanted to center the blocks in the middle of the page in a more responsive way. Hope that makes sense.

Hope, this (stackoverflow) will help you, if not - let me know)

Idea was taken from very young ages than I was kid. Sitting with friends and writing words on the paper and fold it. Sometimes it have some logic or fun sentence.
Already time pass, I remember only how I write few lines of sentence on the paper one under another(as table structure).
Who? what must do? to whom? and something more…
Big thanks for reply, sometimes new twitter friendship, or reply in social media, like a fresh air on the mountain.