Random Quote Machine Clone

Hey guys, just finished up my Random Quote Machine Challenge.

Random Quote Machine

I really liked the example provided in the challenge, so I decided I’d make a clone (or at least as close as I could) of it.

Like most of my other projects, I chose not to use Bootstrap and use my own CSS/styles.

I cheated a little bit, copying to animate functions that put the delay on the changing of colors on the button click but other than that it is all my code, so if there’s feedback to be given it would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Your transition can be more synchronized, other than that it looks nice.

I take idea from fCC for that project too, because it looked like decent challenge for newbie to make it from scratch.

Thanks for the feedback! I changed the button transition to be a little faster because it seemed to be going slower for some reason.

Although I just changed it back, hopefully that looks a bit better.

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