Random Quote Machine in React with Styled Components! Feedback Desired

Here’s my first fCC React project. It took me a while to get this out, but I really wanted to make sure I understood as much about React as possible before completing the project.

Random Quote Machine

freeCodeCamp challenge

Live Demo




General Features

React Features

  • Built with Create React App
  • Each component is responsible for rendering one thing
  • Uses Styled Components for CSS
  • Sanitize HTML, random hex color, and random number functions in custom utils.js

Feedback Requested

If you have a moment and have experience with React and related technologies, I’d like feedback on the following:

  • Any design issues, especially cases where things look strange. Please post screenshots so I can make adjustments as needed.

  • Am I doing React correctly? If not, let me know.

  • Is there a better way to interact with this API? Currently, it’s limited to 40 random quotes per page load. It works for this sample app, but a real-world app might want to have access to all of the quotes in the API.

  • Any issues related to folder/file structure.

  • Other issues you see!

Thanks!! :sunny:

I do think it’s cool, but it’s kinda plain.

@forestalieb Thanks for taking a look. :rainbow:

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