Random Quote Machine jQuery problem

When I click the “New Quote” button, a random quote and its corresponding author should be chosen in place of the placeholder text. It doesn’t work for me. I use a jQuery function to generate a random number and assign the quote and author corresponding to that index to the elements specified by their IDs (jQuery.text();). To deal with the button clicking event I use a jQuery.on() function and the button is specified with its ID. I can’t figure this out, I’d be glad if someone would be so kind as to help. CodePen: https://codepen.io/webdev456/pen/oeEZVG .

The random method must be used in this form :Math.random().also you havent declared randomNum .

Thanks you, I wasted 3 days on this tiny mistake, lol, no regrets

console.log always helps when you are stuck at problems like these