Random Quote Machine- Looking for feedback

Random Quote Machine- Looking for feedback
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I am looking for some feedback on my version of the Random Quote machine-https://codepen.io/harivgnq/pen/XqbxKd

I used https://github.com/natetyler/wikiquotes-api/blob/master/wikiquote-api.js as reference


Not sure why I see a horizontal scroll bar and your tweet seems to be including HTML tags :confused:


Thanks for taking a look. The feed back is much appreciated.I have fixed the horizontal scrollbar. I am not seeing the html in the tweet. Not sure what I am missing :frowning:


A quote:

and the resulting tweet:


I had that same problem on mine. It does that because the url runs into a special character in the quote. Forget exactly how I fixed it, but I think I had to convert the quote to html then to text, or something like that.


Might want to increase the font sizeā€¦ I have to squint to read it.

looking good though!


@talleman21, @JohnnyBizzel I think I have fixed the issue. Please let me know if you still see it. Thank you once again for helping me with this


A lot better now :+1: