Random Quote Machine: Problem on Tweet button

Hey guys,

So here’s my take on the Random Quote Machine. (And if you have some comments/suggestions, feel free to drop them in!)

And there’s a problem, as you may know: The darn Tweet button ain’t showing up. Haha.

I tried it in my personal text editor (Sublime Text 3) and browser (Chrome). It previously worked as I expected: there’s the tweet button and it could help me send a tweet, the quote and background color can change. But not for this one in CodePen.

So far, I haven’t found a similar case as this. I don’t know if it’s a bug from CodePen, or merely my own fault. I tried to solve it, but it’s still not working.

So I’ll be looking forward your response on whether you’ve spotted something wrong here, so that I can submit this to FCC right away. Thank you, guys…

The Tweet button shows up in my Firefox though…

And the “New Quote” button works as expected. The colors change too.

And does the Tweet button work, too?

Yep. The twitter pop-up pops up as well :slight_smile:

Ohh okay… Fine, I’ll just submit it then haha. Thanks for your info…