Random Quote Machine - React

Hi everyone,
I created this topic because I want to get as much as possible your feedback about my code in React. On previous project I worked only with AngularJS / Angular and this is my one of the first project with React. I care about opinion of my code styling, standards in React app etc.

Link to repo: https://github.com/rkoziol/random-quote-machine/tree/develop
Link to demo: https://rkoziol.github.io/random-quote-machine/

Thanks a lot!


Common practice here in the forum is adding a link to the working demo of your project instead of codebase.

Can you deploy it and share that public url?

Sure, here it is a demo of app: https://rkoziol.github.io/random-quote-machine/ I also edited first post.

Nice minimalist design.

I would bring your content slightly higher though.

Well done :slight_smile:

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