Random Quote Machine Review Code

Hello guys! This is my RANDOM QUOTE MACHINE Project built using HTML, Sass & JQuery. I see some others people project and realize they use API which is very complicated for me during the time being. I only use array, object and the little jquery i learnt here. Can you guys check and be open with your comments as i am moving forward with the training. Thanks! Below is the link:


Not bad. I think the button for a new quote isn’t the right choice. That symbol is typically used when you’re adding a new piece of data. In this case, the user isn’t adding any data. There are symbols for refresh / reload might work better here.

Fetching a JSON file is quite simple, especially with jQuery.

$.ajax({ dataType: "json", url: /* URL */, success: /* functionToCallOnSuccess(json) */ });

I changed the icon to fa-refresh in the font awesome package. Not sure that i’m okay now with fetching a json file but i am making some research to get better at it. Thanks for checking it.