Random Quote project, Can I use same author for all quotes?

Hi! I want to make my random quote machine about a single author that I like and has passed away a few days ago, my question is if mandatory to use several authors for this project.
I will use the data on a external json file on GH and I have structured html like this:

<figcaption id="author">Anne Rice - <cite> Interview with the vampire</cite></figcaption>

Mostly quotes will change the <cite> text, and some won’t even have a <cite> (quotes from the author that not come from any book)

the project does expect you to provide quotes with supposedly several authors, altho for the purpose of the challenge, i dont think its absolutely mandatory to stick to the semantic meaning(personal opinion). You could prolly keep jsut keep the classes and id tags(to pass the tests), but fill your own content, i.e. instead of author, you could fill the book chapters, or book titles(if many), while gently provide the author of those quotes in a heading somewhere.
What i did was, i used quotes from one of my favorite gaming universes- Warcraft, and as authors i used the fantasy characters which are attributed those sentences.

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Thanks, and nevermind, I was generating my json file from goodreads (around 1700 quotes just for this author) I have to manually edit everyone to make this approach. So… I think I will just handpick 30 or 40 from different authors for this project and make a new json from the scratch. Thanks for your reply.

does the json include only the quotes, or other info about them, like book source

The old file, I generated using this GitHub - nickloewen/goodreads-quotes: Grab quotes from Goodreads as JSON

Problem with that way is I get only the quote and the author, not the book name.

So instead I just make my own json file with this structure:

    "quote":  "Lorem ipsum...",
    "author": "John Doe",
    "book": "Some awesome book"


I added some pictures like writer avatars too, but because there are just 13 authors with several quotes each one, I didn’t add the images on json file, I guess I will add a switch case on my code to check the name of the author something like this I think:

switch (author) {
  case "Franz Kafka":
    image = "image.png"
    image = ""

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