Random Quote works in the wild but not on CodePen

Aloha All,
Been working away on my Random Quote and hit a snag. My pen is here

Weird thing is, the code works fine on my web server

Sam code; so why doesn’t it work on CodePen?

It’s working fine for me. What problems are you having?

edit: Check your console. It’s missing jQuery. Just add jQuery to your resources before Bootstrap

Most common issue is related to the security preferences of CodePen related to the use of HTTP/HTTPS and cross-side resource access. First attempt for a fix is to see if the API has a https rather than simply http version of the API access and try that. Also check the developer console for any signs of CORS/access issues to your request.

I have to agree with Portable though your example does seem to be working for me too.

More info on CORS related issues and theory can be found here:

Aloha Portable abaiducci, many thanks to both!