Rate my first tribute page

This is my first ever project and I was hoping if I could get some responds on it.I didnt put much effort into making it pretty but I just want someone to see if its proper and to give me constructive criticism.
Here is the link: https://codepen.io/joskicaleksa/pen/jQzJRZ


Hi :slight_smile:

Thats’ a nice beginning!
You can use margin:0 auto; insted of margin-left:550px; on #tribute-info
This will allow the block to be centered!

You should also use the validation script provided to verify that it matches what is expected (Currently your code gets an 8/10).
Do not hesitate to ask questions if needed!

Thanks for reviewing,appreciate it :smile:

I like it! My rating is 7.5/10 good work! Job :clap:

@joskicaleksa, couple remarks from my side:

  1. Remove background - it looks better and cleaner on white
  2. header should be a container for the title wrapped in h1 and image (w/ caption)
  3. Caption shall never be h1, use p or google <figure> ... <figcaption>
  4. Wrap text in <div id="tribute-info"> and wrap each paragraph in it’s own p tag and remove all those br tags.
  5. As @mangasource suggested use margin:0 auto;
  6. Use blockquote tag for quotes and give it width, so it consistent with #tribute-info

Increase the contrast ratio of the text, as it’s difficult to read. Consider using a background gradient instead of a background image. It can achieve a similar effect.

I am joining @mangasource and @snigo on the things that need changes although, I really like the vibes of it: the choice of font, background, color makes it …I don’t know It recalls the style of the photo!

Thank you all for reviewing and commenting,starting to like this community really well