RDBM course stuck at Mario DB's last challenge

Hi y’all, I’ve run into a Test Runner Failed situation too. I completed 70% of the course in the Beta Browser version two days ago, but when I logged back in yesterday, I couldn’t pass the first test from where I’d left off:


I encountered this weird behavior after multiple restarts, and suspect it may have something to do with the Test Runner Failing.

codeally@450693712a97:~$ cd project/
bash: /home/codeally/project/.freeCodeCamp/test/.next_command: Bad message
bash: /home/codeally/project/.freeCodeCamp/test/.next_command: Bad message
bash: /home/codeally/project/.freeCodeCamp/test/.cwd: Bad message
bash: /home/codeally/project/.freeCodeCamp/test/.next_command: Bad message

I am able to successfully connect to the mario_database and add the table:

However, the test does not run and pass automatically like normal, and when I hit Run, it displays the Test Runner Failed message:

Killing the terminal and restarting it also sparks Bad message:

So does logging back into the project:

And the table is still there, but Test Runner still failing:

Hoping that killing the whole thing and starting over isn’t the only way to fix. Any insight, @moT01 ?