React and Codepen

Hi, I can’t add my project on Codepen. All settings are correct, I added bubble and react with react dom, but it still doesn’t work.

There is my github repository with project:

There is my codepen page:

In codepen you can check developer’s console for errors, in your case it’s Component is undefined.

Which means that you need to indicate full path, for example class App extends React.Component, for all your components.

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you right =) I forgot about this cause I import like this
import React, { Component } from “react”; is much, much better than Codepen for prototyping React apps just as a heads up


Another great alternative is

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maybe you know, could I paste link from codesandbox in fcc task ?

Yes, Codepen is just a suggestion, you can host the app anywhere you want


thanks :slight_smile: