React and Redux: Moving Forward From Here

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// import React from 'react'
// import ReactDOM from 'react-dom'
// import { Provider, connect } from 'react-redux'
// import { createStore, combineReducers, applyMiddleware } from 'redux'
// import thunk from 'redux-thunk'

// import rootReducer from './redux/reducers'
// import App from './components/App'

// const store = createStore(
//   rootReducer,
//   applyMiddleware(thunk)
// );

// ReactDOM.render(
//   <Provider store={store}>
//     <App/>
//   </Provider>,
//   document.getElementById('root')
// );

// change code below this line
const logger = createLogger({
  stateTransformer: (state) => {
    let newState = {log: 'Now I know React and Redux!'};

    for (var i of Object.keys(state)) {
      if (Immutable.Iterable.isIterable(state[i])) {
        newState[i] = state[i].toJS();
      } else {
        newState[i] = state[i];

    return newState;

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I really have no idea what this challenge is looking for? OK over thinking as usual I guess this part of the instructions say it all: “Log the message ‘Now I know React and Redux!’ to the console.” Out of complete desperation i tried:

console.log('Now I know React and Redux!');

And It passed??? I still don’t get the point of this! I guess doing it in codepen?

Yes, that is how you do it. They just wanted you to see the commented code of how a React/Redux file might normally look and needed to give you something to do to pass. That line is exactly what they wanted you to do. I know, a little silly.


I started writing like 20 lines of code importing a logger and info level log of ‘Now I know React and Redux!’ it was brutal…

const logger = createLogger({
    level: 'info',
    collapsed: true,
    predicate: (getState, action) => {action.type; }

Out of sheer desperation I cut and pasted from the instructions Log console.log the message ‘Now I know React and Redux!’ to the console. Then I all most fell out of my chair when it passed…

Yeah I hear ya’. One hint would have been that they hadn’t covered any of that stuff. The line says:

Log the message ‘Now I know React and Redux!’ to the console.

That has all the information you should need to realize that you need console.log. But I’ve been there too - thought I needed to something really complex and it turned out to be really simple and I should have figured it out in the first place if I’d paid closer attention. A good lesson hear is “read instructions very closely and analyze what it is telling you”. That will serve you well in interview coding challenges as well - people have a habit of making assumptions when they’re reading the instruction. Coders that pay close attention to details and ask questions about anything that is unclear/vague get extra points. In my last few interviews, they were impressed that I caught minute details that other people missed.


Does not work anymore
On my fist thought ,it’s also like this.

First try not working, is because I’ve removed all comment mark, after resetting, and the console.log() method worked.

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