React connection with express (failed to load resource)

my browser shows no form as i created it in react. error failed to load resource 404

please see images below:

react browser error and auth.js


is your server running while you try to connect with front end?

yes it is. server on port 5000 and mongodb connected

im doing this project to apply for an internship. the instructions for section 1 was a user must just register .
maybe i need to have a dashboard with the option on it to register?

yes you need to provide that.

have you provided proxy in package.json at frontend??

yes i have proxy in react package.json

i thought it wont be needed as the user just needs to register. the browser currently doesnt show anything but that error in the pic

Hello there,

Could you provide more code? Also,please do not provide code in the form of screenshots. This is very difficult to work with.

From what I can see, your frontend is requesting api/users, but your backend has no such route…

im following this tutorial on youtube, that video also has no route as api/users.

i have routes/users, i tried putting that code in but still doesnt work.

please let me know which specific code u want so i can copy/paste

The easiest thing you can do is have your code hosted somewhere - GitHub, CodeSandbox, Then, share the link to it.

I cannot ask for specific code, because I do not know how you have structured your app.

its strange my github repo is giving an error. will get back to you as soon as i deploy to github