React-context: how can I useContext in class component

I need to useContext in class component in order to change the values saved in context , how can I go about doing that

I just need to call a function like
but its giving error in react class component

Did you check the docs? It has some examples with class components.

I don’t think I have use Context with class components (or maybe I just don’t remember it).

yes I checked that but I’m not really getting how can I use it

Well, I only know what the docs say.

Import the context and set it on the contextType property of the class component, or use a static class field. Then access it using this.context.

ooh I cannot find the import statement used for import context
this one ?
import {createContext} from 'react'

It’s your own context object, the one you created. Just like with the useContext hook.

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