React JS : Fetch Api with Put method - Having problem with Cors

Hi , I am quite new with React JS . While learning, I am trying to do a project which I want to update data into third party DB (i have the credentials for headers etc…) . At first , just before I make that request “Fetch with put method” , I received message blocked by CORS policy , than I install plugin inside my chrome browser. and I bypassed that CORS policy

Everything is okay but i get response status=500 which means it is not successful . So i just want to know, is there any other way for me to bypass the server side cors policy?

*side not, it is third party DB , i have the credentials

You need to provide more specific information here: there absolutely isn’t a way to bypass it. If may well be possible in your case to make it work, the endpoint may be set up to accept those requests, and there may be a simple reason why it isn’t working. But it’s specific to how the application and it’s API has been set up on that server, how you are allowed to use it.