React Leaderboard Challenge

Just finished the Camper Leaderboard project. Pretty straight-forward after I did some pen sketches to break it into components. See it here:

I kept the project fairly basic so I could focus on components instead, but still managed to sneak in a couple things I like.

  • Responsive tables! Shrink the window and watch the table display change.
  • Responsive logo! I couldn’t find any brand guidelines, so @QuincyLarson might ask me to change this part, but the logo mark transitions from the standard lock-up to a reduced lock-up to just the icon… with a pinch of animation. I read about the idea in Chris Coyier’s excellent Practical SVG.

As always, feedback greatly appreciated.

Looks and works great!

Don’t worry about using the fCC logo - as long as it’s clear you’re not impersonating the freeCodeCamp organization, it’s fine.

:blush: Thanks, @QuincyLarson.

Also, just made it in Vue ( Really fast compared to React, but that might be because I already figured out component structure in my head.