React, looking for an expert opinion

Hello everyone, I got my first programming gig! :smiley:
I am currently in the process of building the basics of the clients website, and I wanted some advice.
So their current website looks like this.

(the area below the nav bar changes based on what you click on.)
I want to improve on this. But I like the general design.
I want to know how I should go about creating a page like it in React, where the nav-bar will show different components below the header.
I’ve thought about using conditional rendering or using react router and just having all separate pages, I am just unsure what is best.
Thank you in advance.

TLDR: How to create a page that changes components only in one area?

Does the existing source code use React? If not, I would focus on figure out what you want to accomplish instead of the how you want to accomplish it. I assume the client gave you some specs on what they want to see changed. I would start mapping out what really needs to be changed and once you iron all of those details out, you can figure out how best to implement the changes.


That sounds like very solid advice. The original website was built in wordpress, and is full of dead links, irremovable wordpress features, and optimized very poorly. I am doing the whole thing from the ground up for these reasons.
The client basically wants a simplier, faster version of their website.

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If it’s a static website, you could use Gatsby.js as a starting point for ‘blazing fast’ websites. It’s built upon React.

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