React Markdown Previewer feedback plss

Hello all, I made my React markdown previewer.
Pls give feedback!!

@GauravSingh9356, it looks good at first. But in use it’s not so friendly.
I have a few .md documents and pasted them into your previewer. The output was hard or impossible to read because there was white text on your light background or black text on your black background. I then took the sample .md that comes with the project and there were parts of it where the white text overlapped your “designed by…” background text.
You need to have a preview pane, like your input pane.

Another thing I noticed was that items in a bulleted list were quite far from the bullet.

You should keep the test script when forking the pen (<script src=""></script>).

  • Your page passes 1/8 user stories.

If you are going to submit the project you need to keep the ids on the elements and have the default text contain the elements as stated by the requirements.

You can make a fork of the project where you do not have that, but for the submitted project it must pass the tests and stay that way.