React/Node best practices

After some years of software development, here is a personal list of best practices:

  1. Have a good naming convention
  2. Do not use index.js (see:
  3. Have a module/component oriented file structure: I want to be able to remove a component directory from my project without breaking things.
  4. Use a (webpack) resolver to map /src as a root folder so I can just import Component from 'components/Component' (I hate ../)
  5. Git, eslint, Jest, CircleCI are awesome + use Husky npm package
  6. Don’t try to make the perfect component from design, make it simple and let it evolve
  7. Avoid npm libraries, hardcode things when possible
  8. Avoid imports, write isolated functions
  9. Use functional components (React v16.8)

What do you think? What would you add?

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