React/NPM/Webpack help

I need help :confused: I’m fairly new to backend stuff, and currently doing a React course. I have followed the video exactly and it’s still throwing errors. I up

dated NPM, I made sure everything was correct. I don’t know what is wrong. /:

It seems like it thinks there is a problem on line 12 of your webpack.config.js file, but it looks fine. Can we see your webpack.config.js file? Just cut and paste it into the post and put three backticks on the line before and three after (so it gets formatted correctly). I’m guessing that there is a problem with a line before line 12 that is causing it to misread line 12.

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Just a syntax error caused by semicolon you wrote at the end of the line in your output.path property. Remove it, or put a comma if you defined any other properties after it.

Sometimes you have to love the tediousness of coding.

I did have a semicolon in the wrong spot, and then I also had ‘extend’ instead of ‘extends’. It took me longer than I’d like to admit to figure out the issue.

I figured it out but thank you! Your comment helped.