React Pong game

A project to practice my newly acquired React skills. I will appreciate any criticism and tips regarding anything from design to code. (the code is probably a mess though). Any recommendations on how to dynamically generate animation rules ? Currently the stretch animations of the ball are inserted in a style element that gets created and then destroyed after every bump, which is probably not a good practice.

Links to codepen and github pages

I like, though it seems hard to get to go in a different direction the ball at some point just goes crazy if you end up with it just going back and forth in pretty much the same spot.

Hey! Thanks for Your reply. Will fix several things later. Adding a horizontal speed limit should be a good idea. As for the direction change, hitting with corners or brushing “through” the ball really quickly does the job. A portion of the pad’s speed (5%) is always added to the ball’s vertical speed. Probably should be about 10%