React props aren't updating when Redux store updates

My React component isn’t updating/re-rending even though my redux store is changing.
I’m using react-redux connect function and mapStateToProps to get data from the redux store and a prop from its Parent Component.

did you end up figuring this out? I am having the same problem. When looking on the internet for similar topics, everyone said the issue was likely state immutability, i.e. returning a modified state instead of a new state altogether. That said, I’m creating a new state so I can’t figure it out.

Welcome, lucas.

As this topic is over 1 year old, it is unlikely to be very helpful to continue discussion with.

I recommend you open a new topic of your own. Be sure to provide as much information as possible:

  • Code (use Markdown formatting)
  • Link to GitHub repo
  • A working prototype (Glitch, CodePen, Codesandbox,

Hope you can get help :smiley:

Thank you! I made one!