React Recipe box final thoughts

Just finished up the recipe box project. Here’s the link

I need to work on react forms. My code got really messy. I guess I understand why we need redux and a state that cant be mutated directly outside of store :smiley:

I noticed that my react code starts off quite ok and later on becomes some sort of spaghetti code :smiley: I try to organize/abstract certain stuff on the go. Hopefully it will become better by practise.

Anyone have good sources/articles about the subject? (react forms, redux)

Ian that your webpack bundle.js pasted in codepen? Is this on your github acct? Thanks for sharing

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Hey…Yeap, I copied the bundled JS, because I develop the challenges locally, it saves some time and also gives much more real life environment than Codepen. I use create-react-app. After finishing up locally, i build the project, copy the code to codepen. I also leave a link to github account for original code. I’ve been doing all React projects this way. My recipe box code can be messy :slight_smile: I was working on it evening-night times, and finished it up at 1 a.m :smiley:

i have been doing the same, I wnated to check out the code and all i saw was something that looked like this…

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:smiley: Sorry about that. Thats why I’m always adding the link to the git repo.:wink: