[React-Redux] Unable to render onSubmit error

I’ve gotten very lost in the weeds here.

I have a user registration component that, for some reason, I am unable to get errors passed to its props. I have a user login component that behaves pretty much exactly the same, except that it works.

Here is how the component sits in the master tree.

Here it is in development.

The login component that works is login-form.js. I really don’t understand what’s happening. I can console.log the error in the .catch inside onSubmit, but I can’t seem to get it out of there and into my render.

Obviously, I’m forgetting how props behaves. I attempted to create a state for it, but got lost there as well. :confused:

Oh my goodness.

After all that, it turns out it was a simple bracket error that couldn’t be caught by any sort of linting.

onSubmit={this.props.handleSubmit(values => {


onSubmit={this.props.handleSubmit(values => this.onSubmit(values))}