React Router error in creating dynamic pages

Hello, world. I m just learning about React Router and fall in this kind of problem…
I created this links but when I tried to create dynamic links I am facing a server-side error at the console.

Here is my code

const AppRouter = () => (
            <Header />
                    <Route path="/" component={expense_dashboard} exact/>
                    <Route path="/create" component={add_expense_dashboard}/>
                    //what did i do wrong in path prop
                    <Route path="/edit/:id" component={edit}/>
                    <Route path="/help" component={help}/>
                    <Route component={notFound}/>

export default AppRouter;

The error i m facing

Please help me to solve this issue

The router error you are talking about is really good to see on the platform of React. I want to say that this error is very much similar to Wii Error Code 51330 and you need to solve it. I suggest going through this error properly for getting the solution.