React Router state persistence

Hey guys,

I’m building a React game search app that fetches data from a 3rd party API. It retrieves a list of games and when I click on a game, the Link route passes that game’s data through the state location:

render() {
    const { icon, gameTitle, gameDetails } = this.props;

    return (
      <div className="game-box">
          style={{ textDecoration: 'none' }}
            pathname: "/details",
            state: { gameDetails }

          <div className="game-content">
            <img className="game-icon" onError={this.addDefaultSrc} src={icon} alt="icon" />
            <p className="game-link"><strong>{gameTitle}</strong></p>

It then renders the game’s details. The problem is when I refresh the page, the state is cleared and I get an error. How do I get the state to remain on the details rendering even after reloading it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s my repo:

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Hey there,

how about fetching the details data in the details view, e.g. by writing/reading the URL?
Or saving the data in the browser storage and reading it in the details view?

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