React+Scss folder structure

I’ve read few articles and react docs on this subject and maybe i missed something but in general there are two “main” types of folder/file structuring? Either having styles within component folder along with js file or have separate folder for components and other for styles, i kinda prefer second one…for now. But, on higher level is that basically it?

And if someone have some examples of good structured react app, i mean git repo of that project, that would be real insight.

For the most part that’s what I’ve seen as well. Another options is styled components which is gaining popularity and has a similar feel to scss but is used inside js files so you can use js rather than mixins.

Some examples I can think of:

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Thank you for these. Those two getsby projects seems easiest to fallow to me, but i see how 3rd one would not be ideal for bigger projects. And styles components seems… i dont know, wasn’t having “html” in js enough…:slight_smile: . Heh, im definitly going to give them a try soon.

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