React unable to deploy my e-commerce project

When ever I try to deploy the project the it shows the error of "error expect@29.4.1: The engine “node” is incompatible with this module. Expected version “^14.15.0 || ^16.10.0 || >=18.0.0”. Got “16.4.2"”

link to my project.

Looks like they haven’t updated their docker images. I have never used Fleek but it personally doesn’t instill much confidence in me.

Maybe you can try a different image and see if it works.


I tried using the teracy but it did not work

Didn’t work how, what happens?

I tried using a fresh CRA and it deploys using the docker image I posted.

When I used the teracy it have been stuck and not being able to process further.

I used node:lts and it worked my webapp was deployed but my webapp show nothing.
Please look into the image as it shows this error.

The image name is teracy/create-react-app:latest

I used image name teracy/create-react-app:latest
It deployed successfully but stil there some error.

When I cloned your repo locally and ran it in dev mode, I see errors you need to resolve before you try and deploy it. That is probably why you are seeing errors on the deployed site.

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