React-Webpack Template

I’m not sure about posting this but decided why not. Recently I started to work on updating my react boilerplate project I last worked on apparently 3 years ago. I don’t know that I even used it that much since create-react-app is a thing.

This a less of a show you project then just something that might be useful to someone else looking to do something like it. If you really want to see the boring output it starts with you can view it here on gh-pages.

It honestly took a fair bit of tweaking around to get this updated for 2019 from my last update in 2016.

Currently, it supports hot reloading, sass, and includes Bootstap. though I am thinking of removing the Bootstap and sass parts since I rarely use either now. Also might remove redux since might or might not use it in some projects.

I’m also thinking of trying to add server-side rendering to it.

Anyways if you like to leave me a message here, open an issue on the repo, submit a pull request, or use it as a starting point for one of your projects feel free. I’d welcome any of these are all of them. :slight_smile: