ReactDom create root doesnt work

Warning: You are calling ReactDOMClient.createRoot() on a container that was previously passed to ReactDOM.render(). This is not supported.

i get this error how can i fix it?

The error message indicates that you are trying to use the createRoot method from ReactDOM on a container that has already been used with the ReactDOM.render() method.

createRoot is used for creating a new root-level component in your React application, whereas ReactDOM.render() is used for rendering a single component into a container on the page. You cannot use the same container for both.

To resolve this issue, you should choose either createRoot or ReactDOM.render() to render your React components into the container. If you want to use createRoot, you should remove the previous ReactDOM.render() call that was used with the container, and create a new root with createRoot().

Here’s an example of using createRoot() to render a root-level component:

import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';

const container = document.getElementById('root');

// Remove this if you're going to use createRoot()
ReactDOM.render(<MyComponent />, container);

// Create a root with createRoot()
const root = ReactDOM.createRoot(container);
root.render(<MyRootComponent />);

Make sure to remove the previous ReactDOM.render() call before using createRoot() , otherwise you’ll get the same error message.


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