Reactjs order of execution

im not sure if im understanding correctly. it isnt helping that the isnt on the order of top to buttom in the correct order as it appears. but does the render happen after the class react extend? or before. im assuming the render starts first then the class extend starts as the parameters and components from the render is sent. which one of the examples have the set state component happen first and then it fetched data given by render. and given that regujlar JS code works without brackets in the render state implies it goes through render first.

I’m not sure what you mean by “before the class extend”.

To me the extension is part of the class definition, which happens at compile time. Then when the class is instantiated, the constructor runs, etc. All the mechanisms for running the class the React way are pulled in by the “extends React.Component” so none of that could run until after that, anyway.

You can read more of it in the [React docs( Seriously, those are great docs.

yeah one of the challenges it looked up looked sojmething from thej setstate first whichb is in the class definition . then looked up looked up something pointed to render. so it was something like. this.set.state["the array located in render]

but yeah im going to go back to reading thatg document again. first time i read it i was so lost. seem a bit advance for me so i was looking for more simpler resources at thje time with youtube and tried to make some sense of the fcc code. i gotta admit though javascript algorithms aint so hard after seeing this stuff. i guess im more of a backend or software engineering by heart.

sorry i take that back . the doc you showed me is more straight forward than whbat i looked at before. i took there recommendation and follow the tutorial where they desigsn a tictac toe video game and i felt totally lost becasuse it was just too advance at my level of knowledge of react.

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