Read a string in json with

can you help me:
how can I read out the value (marked bold “identifier” “value”) without serialization? For example, i found in the net

> JObject rss = JObject.Parse(json);
> string rssTitle = (string)rss["channel"]["title"];
> string itemTitle = (string)rss["channel"]["item"][0]["title"];

I’m programming in Vb.Net. Here is my Json (reduced):

   "resourceType": "Bundle",
   "id": "309bb381-def8-4f9d-b70a-0eda91db0a3c",
   "meta": {},
   "type": "message",
   "entry": [
         "fullUrl": "urn:uuid:5d7c2ec5-8052-41e8-a9e8-87162ca28873",
         "resource": {
            "resourceType": "ReferralRequest",
            "id": "5d7c2ec5-8052-41e8-a9e8-87162ca28873",
            "meta": {},
            "identifier": [
                  "system": "",
                  "value": "**8DGURAFWDZH7**"
            "status": "draft",
            "intent": "order",
            "type": {},
            "priority": "routine",
            "subject": {},
            "requester": {},
            "specialty": {}

Sorry - Bold has non effect

I’m sure I didn’t express myself correctly. I need the value 8DGURAFWDZH7 in the identifier value. I marked the value in bold, but unfortunately this has no effect here in the editor.

So, how can I read this node?

Dim att As String = part.Split(New String() {newline & newline}, StringSplitOptions.None)(1).Replace(newline, "")
Dim jDoc As String = Text.Encoding.ASCII.GetString(Convert.FromBase64String(att.ToString))
Dim jObj As JObject = JObject.Parse(jDoc)

Now I don’t get access to
Here is a ‘System.ArgumentException’. Wrong syntax?
I need this value: 8DGURAFWDZH7

Best regards

If you look carefully, you will see that entry element is a list, with first element empty, so you are interested in the second element (one with index 1), identifier is also a list. Try something like:

Thank you!
[ ] no works in Vb.Net
jObj(“entry”) works. But I can’t get to other deeper childrens.