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Doing the tutorial “learn realational database by building mario database”,

This questions ( 40 percent mark)
You used username='Samus' as a condition earlier. SET Daisy’s favorite_color to Orange . You can use the condition name='Daisy' to change her row.

has a bug i think. when inputing my own answer or the computer’s anskey it still does not pass the test case.

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UPDATE characters SET favorite_color=‘Orange’ WHERE name=‘Daisy’;

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Challenge: Linear Regression Health Costs Calculator

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Could you paste what are you getting after entering this query?

SELECT * FROM characters;

Have u done the course?

Please include a link to the actual challenge.

This looks like it should… not sure what’s the problem, is there displayed any specific error? Have you tried to restart/reset the current step?

I completed it few weeks ago, yes.

Its not released yet. So there is no link

Oh, i restarted it and tried everything but could not pass it and advance

It says characters should have correct rows for daisy and yoshi

Hmm, that error is from test in two steps back. Try changing back the favorite_color for Daisy to Yellow and see if that makes test work.

sadly it did not fix it btw

Same exact problem (‘bug’) here…
The suggestions made did not solve/help.

Sorry for your troubles. There’s a strange bug that occurs once in a while where the instructions become misaligned with the tests. For example, you press continue after completing a step, and the instructions load - but the test doesn’t or something. I don’t know exactly what happens or what causes it, but it can be tough to get back on track after it happens. You could dig into the tests and see what’s being tested. If you can pass the old tests, it may realign itself. If all else fails, you can start the tutorial over from the start. I know that stinks, but it may be the only way to get it back on track.


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