Really frustrated with this industry

In the three months that I have been looking for work, I have only had two interviews that weren’t scammy or with useless recruiters. One of those interviews was for a remote developer and the guy was instantly disappointed that I had no PHP/WordPress experience where nowhere on my resume or portfolio claimed that I did. The other was just yesterday where I said in the initial email I was looking for 25/hr as I had previously made 20 /hr doing entry level tech support so it seemed reasonable for a developer regardless of experience. She thought I was too expensive for a junior and the interview ended in 2 minutes. Why did the interview happen at all when she knew how much I was asking for from the initial email I reached out to her with?

Putting those aside, why as a developer, the kind of job you can get done anywhere and at any time, does every company require you to be in office and not just in the office but in office at 9-5 hours? Then to make things worse, they place their offices downtown where, for anyone who isn’t wealthy enough to pay 2500+ a month in rent, gets to waste 2-3 hours of their precious life in traffic in the morning and 2-3 hours back going home every day. I quit my old job because I got sick of this and thought a job that wasn’t customer facing wouldn’t have the same unreasonable schedules. I am simply too poor to live in the city and these companies and their “flashy smoke and mirror impress the customer” offices are too cheap to pay city living wages.

Sorry things have not been working out for you. How many jobs have you been applying for? I’ve noticed that even people with good resumes and portfolios often have a very low rate of interviews per job application.

If you post a link to your resume and portfolio, maybe some people here can give you advice on improving it.

As far as your issue with traffic and high rent in the city, are you open to moving to a different city or state? You may consider moving to a smaller city. I live in Grand Rapids, MI. The Grand Rapids metro area has about 1 million people. There are quite a few software jobs and relatively low housing costs. I live two miles from downtown (where a lot of software jobs are) and my house cost 90K. A bike ride to work downtown takes about 10 minutes with very little traffic.


I apply on LinkedIn and I post on LinkedIn showing projects and updates on things I have learned. I have 900+ connections. This has gotten me 2-minute phone calls with recruiters who say I live too far away. I apply on indeed, glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, dice, even craigslist.

I will private message my portfolio but it has sensitive information on my resume.

I do apply further north even though I am hesitant to risk moving when I am new to the industry. I feel like getting locked into a year lease and getting fired for underperforming is a real possibility at some places.

A tip I got is to not just send out your resume… also get in touch with the person who posted it to touch bases with them personally. If I cant find that, I go through the employees on LinkedIn and contact people in the company with titles along the lines of the job I want to tell them Im interested in the company and would love their feedback, day in the life, whatever…anything to open a line of communication.

Doing that also says a lot about the company culture…some companies, no one writes me back. Others, all get a lot of super friendly replies and people go out of their way to connect me to the person I need to talk to… From that alone Ive felt like I would love working with those people. I got a really amazing lead the other day when a software engineer gave me the email of the CEO and told me hed let him know Id be getting in touch…the CEO wrote me back and is interested to meet with me. Ive been waiting almost a month to hear back from them…the personal referral definitely is what got his attention.

Stuff like that though pulls you up from yet another resume, to a personal referral from someone within the company, and also someone who is so interested, they are willing to put some effort into reaching out.

As far as the downtown thing…I dont know. every city is different. Im actually vying for jobs downtown…I live in a major and very expensive city where theres no way I can afford to live remotely close to downtown, but I do live right off the one train we have in Miami which leads into downtown…so Id be able to ride my bike to the station and once Im downtown I can get anywhere in no time at all. If I end up at a job somewhere remote with no walkability, Id have to buy a car, and I really…really dont want to do that, at least not now.

As for wanting you to come into the office…yeah, remote jobs are really highly sought after…Im sure you could get a remote job as a junior dev, but most will want to work along with you because as a junior dev, you have a lot to learn and it will be much better all around if you are surrounded by the people who can teach and help you. Once you get past that stage of your career though, I dont see why it wouldnt be easier to either get a remote job, or convince your company to let you work remotely. Possible.


Just ask yourself this question: “If i would negotiate my 25/hr would i be hired?” Do you think, 5 bucks make a diff from a company that wanna get the best out of you?

That’s great advice. That’s what you call thinking outside the box. You can’t beat building personal relationships and being proactive. Also, asking questions about the culture is a great idea too and you can shop around a little. There’s some fun companies out there with unique perks.

I’ve had similar experiences, made me wonder if these people read your resume or application at all. It’s very disappointed to say the least.