Recommend me Android development course after “Android Basics in Kotlin”

I’m learning Android development in course Android Basics in Kotlin in Google site. Just finished 1st unit and I’m surprised how high quality content it is as I don’t have basic programming knowledge. I took 10 of 35 hours course in Udemy before of some Indian which looked much worse and unclear for me. What the next course should I take after I finish this. Any suggestions? Has anybody finished this course and taking some more advanced afterwards? It isn’t written what next course should I take. One option would be go down like in this page to “Learn the Kotlin language”, “Use common Kotlin patterns with Android” and etc. Another option would be go down to the other courses in this page.

If you are learning on, then I see that it also has Andoid Kotlin Fundamentals, Advanced Android in Kotlin, and Kotlin Bootcamp for Programmers. Would one of those work?


There’s also some Koltin courses on Sololearn and Codeacademy,

You might need to pay for CodeAcademy but Sololearn is free.

Hope this helped!


Thanks, I think other courses are good as well, especially on But I also want to avoid going through the same stuff I’ve already learnt. But this probably not possible :smiley:

@prako2 ,

Yes, just some suggestions LOL

I hope all goes well on your journey!