Record collection exercise doesn't work

Hi, I solved the “record collection” exercise in JavaScript lessons, but it doesn’t work in the second test (see picture).
I looked for solutions to find the bug, but my solution seems to be identical to all the others…I can’t understand what’s wrong…please help me!
Thanks so much!

// Only change code below this line

function updateRecords(records, id, prop, value) {
  if(prop!=='tracks' && value!==""){
    } else if (prop==='track' && records[id].hasOwnProperty(prop)===false){
      records[id][prop]= [value];
  } else if (prop==='tracks' && value!==""){
  } else if (value===""){
   delete records[id][prop];
  return records;

I finally Solved it! Thanks

how did you solve it please?

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