Reducer using action creator

This is a question using this problem as an example. The reducer is using action.todo. todo is not being called as a function like action.todo() but seems to be used as a property. There doesn’t seem to be a defining of todo on action. How is the reducer using the addTodo action creator?

const immutableReducer = (state = ['Do not mutate state!'], action) => {
  switch(action.type) {
    case 'ADD_TO_DO':
      // Don't mutate state here or the tests will fail
      return [...state, action.todo];
      return state;

const addToDo = (todo) => {
  return {
    type: 'ADD_TO_DO',

const store = Redux.createStore(immutableReducer);

Happily or embarrassingly, answers come just after questions. This might be the right idea.
The action creator describes the case of the action type being “ADD_TO_DO” and defines the action as updating type with a todo.
In the case that the type is “ADD_TO_DO” the new state is the old state amended with the values described in addToDo. todo is some added task such as “Finalize draft.”

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