Redux actions not displaying in redux devtools


i have an error that when i click on register , the redux devtools supposed to show REGISTER_SUCCESS and LOAD_USER but im sure that im missing something very small in my code. please let me know if i should provide more pics.

I see an error did get called. Do you know for sure that those actions are being dispatched? Maybe put a console.log in the action creators?

i tried that now but still not working. redux devtools shows auth error on the left from the beginning but isRegistered: flase changes when i changed to is isLoggedIn: false. im following a tutorial and its the same and my code is the same as that video. ill try to change the store around a bit

Can you push this into a repo so I can try it out?

there was a problem uploading to github, will get back to you as soon as i do

Remove ( + ) preceding window object.

Should be as below ,


You actually should remove that line from composewithDevTools