Redux section needs a rewrite?

I appreciate the Freecodecamp course and the way it explains difficult concepts.

However it is obvious that different sections are written by different people.

Some sections are very easy to understand, so are not.
And it is not only the problem of the difficulty of the topic, but also the style of the explanation.

For example, the JavaScript section was very easy to understand.

The React section was also well explained.
But the Redux section was hard to understand.
I feel that the style of the explanation of the Redux section is bad.

I ended up reading the official introduction:

And it was way easier to comprehend.

Now I am in the middle of the “React and Redux” section and I get a filling that this “bad style of explanation” is going on.

Here is an example.

“The mapDispatchToProps() function is used to provide specific action creators to your React components so they can dispatch actions against the Redux store. It’s similar in structure to the mapStateToProps() function you wrote in the last challenge. It returns an object that maps dispatch actions to property names, which become component props . However, instead of returning a piece of state , each property returns a function that calls dispatch with an action creator and any relevant action data. You have access to this dispatch because it’s passed in to mapDispatchToProps() as a parameter when you define the function, just like you passed state to mapStateToProps() . Behind the scenes, React Redux is using Redux’s store.dispatch() to conduct these dispatches with mapDispatchToProps() . This is similar to how it uses store.subscribe() for components that are mapped to state .”

The problem in this part is that it references mapStateToProps() and store.subscribe() as if they are well known concepts. mapStateToProps() was just briefly introduced in the previous challenge, so comparing with it does not give you a clue. store.subscribe() was also just briefly mentioned in the Redux section and was hardly used in previous challenges, so comparing with it does not help to understand how mapDispatchToProps() work.

In other words this section could be more concise and to the point. I think that if you need to read official docs, the section need a rewrite.

Of course it is my personal opinion and I am in no way want to diminish the greatness of Freecodecamp, but I believe that rewriting some sections would make Freecodecamp even better.

In this topic I’d like to ask other users if they think the Redux section needs a rewrite?


Holy Wall of Text, Batman! (the challenge’s paragraph, that is). It starts becoming especially confusing and dense around “You have access to this dispatch…” portion. And this comes from someone who already knows redux.

Free Code Camp is open source and PRs are always appreciated.