Redux: Use a switch case to handle multiple actions

Fail to understand why the test cases are failing for this logic. The console.log statement returns the state object as expected.
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Is it necessary to have a new variable to track the state object and return it? I am using the dot notation here to change the value of authenticated.

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const defaultState = {
authenticated: false

const authReducer = (state = defaultState, action) => {
switch (action.type) {
case ‘LOGIN’:
state.authenticated = true;
case ‘LOGOUT’:
state.authenticated = false;
return defaultState
return state

const store = Redux.createStore(authReducer);

const loginUser = () => {
return {
type: ‘LOGIN’

const logoutUser = () => {
return {
type: ‘LOGOUT’

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Challenge: Use const for Action Types

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I believe Redux expects a new state instead of manipulating the current one.

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