Reference error on my page

Hello Campers,
My tried using jquery on my page to add this functionality that when I click on my nav links it toggles to show the hidden contents of that link on this same page but it keeps throwing this reference error and I don’t understand why.
Please help me check my code and tell me what I’m doing wrong.


By the look of you you are not importing JQuery itself into the page, hence why $ is a reference error.

The error should be solved after adding JQuery as plugin.
Hope this helps.

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You are absolutely right I had to search it up as this is my first time of using it and it works perfectly now…
Thanks a lot for reaching out.

Any ideas how I can use it on vs-code?

Not sure what you mean by “use on vs-code”, but just remember that code editors are just text editor, that you can enhance with some plugins.
So I don’t see why you shouldn’t :slight_smile:

I have found what I am looking for. Thank you very much for reaching out.