Referral system

Hello webmasters
Am solomon 19 years old and i want to learn programming
But first i want to add a referral system to my forum
I want a refarral system that can generate referral link like
Solomon is the referral
Please i will be thankful to any help

Unless the software you are using already supports it, someone will have to program it. So check for plugins/extensions, get someone to do it for you or start learning.

Please am still a newbie i don’t know how can you help me

Newbies are welcome, but it seems the task you have set yourself is quite far beyond the abilities of a typical newbie.

I would suggest putting a hold on this particular project and taking some smaller steps.

The freeCodeCamp curriculum is a good place to start. Work through the curriculum, especially the projects, and you will find that the pointers you’ve been given across multiple threads will start to make more sense.