regeneratorRuntime is not defined when using a generator

I am getting the error message ‘regeneratorRuntime is not defined’ on Intermediate Algorithm Scripting: Smallest Common Multiple
when I try to use the code I wrote at Least Common Multiple - codepen I have searched this problem on this forum and found a lengthy discussion Why do I get regeneratorRuntime is not defined? which I belive the solution someone found was to just rewrite the generator as a function. I did this already for my PrimeFactors function which I previously wrote as a generator earlier today and I just hope I don’t need to do the same for Prime. There was a closed ticket generators don’t work: regeneratorRuntime is not defined#35409 about this topic as well.

My question is should I refrain from using generators/iterators or is it a problem with my code? It runs fine in code pen as well as locally via node debugger. If I should not be using these generators, what other es6 functionality should I avoid for future problems?

This is a known bug in the platform (a missing dependency), and has been fixed in the current master version. Try your code out on the site, and it should work.

I’m not aware of any other ES6 functionality that’s missing, but if you find any, do let us know by opening an issue on github.

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@chuckadams Thank you that clerifys things. I did just try to login to that site however it redirects me to where trying to login with my linked github account results in Oops!, something went wrong I will try logging out with all instances, clearing cookies and retry with this new sub domain.

This answers my question, thank you.