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Hey, i have checked the other posts regarding capture groups in this challenge. I am yet to understand why my solution is wrong (or what is the reason for fixating the pattern at the start and at the end of the regex?)
Kindly help me understand, even an analogy would be appreciated.

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let repeatNum = "42 42 42";
let reRegex = /(\d+)(\s)\1\2\1/; // Change this line
let resultT = reRegex.test(repeatNum);
let resultM = repeatNum.match(reRegex);


the whole string returns group 0 i.e., \0
(\d+) : is group 1 i.e., \1
(\s) : is group 2 i.e., \2


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Challenge: Reuse Patterns Using Capture Groups

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your regex is true for this but also for the following

"A brown fox 42 42 42 jumps"

and for “42 42 15 15 15 42”

the requirement was to have a regex that matches only strings with that exact pattern, nothing more nothing less

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thank you for the clarification.

that clicked and also the examples.

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