Regex challenge issue?

I think I’ve found a glitch with a checking program.
My code is:

let repeatNum = "42 42 42";
let reRegex = /^(\d+)\s\1\s\1$/g; // Change this line
let result = reRegex.test(repeatNum);

And the alert says true, but the condition,
Your regex should match "42 42 42"
has a big ‘X’

What challenge exactly? There are a lot…
But your RegEx matches any number with spaces. It matches “1 1 1” too.

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I believe the OP is working on the following challenge, but not sure.

Weird, because on RegEx101 it matches “42 42 42”.

Remove the global flag from your RegEx and it should solve the challge. Im not sure why, but as I said on RegEx101 it matches “42 42 42”, even with the global flag.

Yeah, thanks, that works now!
I’m guessing it’s just a picky criterium. I’ve had similar issues before.
Yeah, that was the challenge I was attempting, sorry for not mentioning that.