Registration Form Step 32

Step 32 What am I doing wrong with my code? It doesn’t pass

Add another label after the first, with the text Input your age (years): . Then, nest an input with the type of number.

Next, add a min attribute to the input with a value of 13 because users under the age of 13 should not register. Also, users probably will not be over the age of 120; add a max attribute with a value of 120.

Now, if someone tries to submit the form with values outside of the range, a warning will appear, and the form will not submit. Give it a try.

Upload a profile picture: Input you age (years):

Post the entire html and css code here. Use the </> button to format code properly.
Describe what you have already tried and what you don’t understand specifically.

Oops…sry about my code

This code does not pass. Hint says "You should give the label the text: Input your age (years): .

Upload a profile picture: Input you age (years):

Ugh…will try again in a bit.

Put a blank space after the text (before the closing </label> tag). Also, delete ‘name’ and ‘id’ attributes. They are not required according to the instruction.

Thanks, but it still doesn’t pass and gives the same hint

And I corrected a typo in “your”

OK…I figured it out! Had to move the input IN the label

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