Regular Expression Question!

Hi All,

I’m doing these quizzes I found online so I can get more comfortable with REGEX. This particular problem is asking me to match these phone numbers:

1 416 555 9292
  202 555 4567

This is the solution:

I don’t understand what the second backslash before the parentheses is for?
1? - to capture for one
[\s-]? - to capture for dash or white space
\(?(\d{3})\)? - I am asking about this backslash in the beginning to capture the area code.

When I remove it, the code didn’t work.

Will someone help me explain? I understand the rest of it.

Thanks in advance!!

Do you mean the \d symbol? \d is equivalent to [0-9]

Hm i understand why the backslash disappears. Im talking about the backslash before the area code

it is to escape the parenthesis, so it is a literal parenthesis and not the opening parenthesis of a capture group

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ah! I understand now. Thank you so much!

and thank you for editing my post and the tip on back ticks :slight_smile:

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