Regular Expressions - Remove Whitespace from Start and End

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I just don’t understand the solution I saw while trying to get a hint. Can I get more explanations pls

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let hello = "   Hello, World!  ";
let wsRegex = /change/; // Change this line
let result = hello; // Change this line

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Challenge: Regular Expressions - Remove Whitespace from Start and End

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  • define the regular expression to move the blank spaces around the string assigned to the variable ‘hello’:
You can use the following:
^ means the beginning of the string
\s means whitespace characters in regex
+ means 1 or more 
| means OR (match the left side or the right side)
the g means "global" (match as many times as you can)
$ means the end of a string
....browse a bit to find out more about Regex...

So, the first part of the value assigned to your second variable in his challenge should look like:

/^\s+| ...try to define the second part by yourself

Then, apply the ‘replace’ method on the first variable ‘hello’ and assign the result to the variable ‘result’:

let result = hello.replace(secondVariable, "");

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